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Q Why should I join the P&G Affiliate Program?

When you join the P&G Affiliate Program you get 2 programs with the one organisation. When you join the P&G affiliate program you automatically receive membership to both the Petals Network Affiliate program - giving you access to one of the best commission rates in the floral industry, and you get membership to the Grumleys Gift affiliate program. This means you have all your clients gifting needs covered!


 Below are 5 reasons why you should join today and start earning!

  1. There are no set up or joining fees and no third parties are involved. No one else takes a percentage of your earnings... your full commission rate is paid monthly to you via a payment method of your choice!

  2. You can make a healthy commission on the product value of each order you collect through your site and you can watch this commission grow through our daily Order Spreadsheet and Hit Counter Spreadsheet.

  3. Ease of using one affiliate program to fulfil all your customers gifting needs. Petals and Grumleys can deliver flowers and gifts around Australia with same day delivery available on most products.

  4. We have a superior range of products that can be delivered to over 70 countries around the world

  5. You can be confident that your customers will be completely satisfied by our service. Our flowers are delivered fresh from local florists around the world, and Petals has been operating very successfully since 1992. Grumleys gifts are delivered by gift basket specialists whose business is making great baskets and gifts your customers will love. Read more about our company history and business awards.



Q How much can I earn through the P&G Affiliate Program?

Account and commission options will be negotiated with potential affiliates on an individual basis, depending on the order volume and the method of order transmission. There various commission or discount options available for Members of the P&G Affiliate Program. You can either earn a commission on every sale that your users/employees/members generate, or, you can pass on a discount on products to your users/employees/members and make no commission on the sale.

Register your interest in the Program and you will be contacted by our Affiliate Program Manager to discuss your requirements.


Q How are my transactions tracked?

We use a unique member number to track all orders of Option 1 Affiliates. This means when a user clicks on our banner on your site, the user picks up your member number and when the user places an order, the member number is then transmitted with that order. See also linking to P&G for more information on how this system works. Option 2 Affiliates have total control over the orders that their users place with Petals/Grumleys. When orders are placed with Petals/Grumleys, a Member Number will always be included in the order, regardless of the selected ordering method. You can also use our daily Order and Hit Counter Spreadsheets to monitor your sales.


Q How do I get paid for my sales?

In most Affiliate cases, your commission rate is paid monthly to you via a payment method of your choice. If you are sending orders to Petals, we will need to receive payment for these orders from you. For small volumes per month, the most convenient way is to use a credit card (either yours or the customer's) to pay for the order. In some cases, this process can be automated so that you don't have to input your credit card details each time. For large volumes per month, Petals/Grumleys can work out a suitable payment method for you, and in some cases, can set you up with your own account. Note that monthly commission payments lower than an aggregate total of $25.00 AUD will be rolled over to the next month and paid once this payment threshold has been reached.


Q How do I send my orders?

The way that you send orders to Petals Network/Grumleys depends upon the Affiliate Option that you select when becoming a Member of the P&G Affiliate Program. Orders from Option 1 Affiliates will arrive at HQ via our own systems. Orders from Option 2 Affiliates will arrive at HQ via the Affiliate's own systems. Option 2 Affiliates are able to send orders to HQ in a number of ways: online via our Members' Website, Universal Floral Order (UFO), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or fax. Please also refer to the Petals Terms and Conditions for more information on order placements and regulations.


Q How do I Price the Products that I use?

The way that you price your products depends upon the Affiliate Option that you select when becoming a Member of the P&G Affiliate Program. Option 1 Affiliates don't need to price products as customers will be using our product pages through the link on your site. Option 2 Affiliates will need to keep all product prices up-to-date with the Network minimum prices. This worldwide pricelist is available online through the Members' Website. It is the responsibility of Option 2 Affiliates to update all pricing on their own catalogue if prices are increased for special occasions such as Valentine's Day. Petals Network will contact Affiliates via the e-mail address provided to us by the Affiliate with information and any changes to minimum prices for special occasions.


Q What criteria does Petals Network use in assessing affiliate applications?

Not all websites will be accepted to join the P&G Affiliate Program. The decision on permitted affiliates is Petals Network's alone.  No correspondence will be entered into. We reserves the right to discontinue the service for any reason it wishes and without notice.

You are very unlikely to be acceptable if:

  • Your site contains adult material, racist material or any other material likely to be considered offensive to Internet users in general,

  • You misrepresent Petals, Grumleys, Gift suppliers, florists or flower relay systems.

  • You send less than 20 orders per month. This is due to regulations relating to Petals Network's accounting overheads.


Q How am I able to use Petals Network/Grumleys images on my site?

As a Member of the P&G Affiliate Program, Petals allows you to use Petals' floral imagery and trademarks on your web site and public material providing copyright is acknowledged wherever the materials are used. You may also create your own banners or advertising material using the Petals logo. Note that P&G Affiliates are able to send orders collected from non-Petals Network images, as long as a comprehensive product description is included in the order. In the event the business arrangement ceases, the P&G Affiliate must agree to remove all materials from websites within 1 week, to cease using materials with the Petals Logo and other references to Petals, to not reprint any other material that uses Petals’ images or to misrepresent that Petals is the floral relay service being used. Grumleys images are available under the abovementioned conditions however specific permission must be granted to use these images.


Q How do I contact Petals Network/Grumleys Gifts for more information?

Please feel free to either register your interest in the P&G Affiliate Program, or telephone Petals on 1800 802 035 to speak to the P&G Affiliate Program Manager. You are also welcome to contact us via e-mail partners@petalsnetwork.com at any time.



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