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The P&G Affiliate/Partner Program gives you innovative trading options, quick setup, easy order collection and prompt commission payments!

Please fill in relevant information below and our P&G Affiliate/Partner Program Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your options and to advise you of commission rates.

Please note: If you are a florist, the P&G Affiliate Program is not the correct Program/Membership for you. Please refer here for more information.

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                     I have a current website and am looking to add flowers and/or gifts to my product  range
I am in the process of constructing a website and am looking to add flowers and/or gifts to
                              my product range

I currently have a website that sells flowers and/or gifts and am looking to change suppliers
I have a current or potential Member Group (eg. shopping discounts, member
                                benefits) and am interested in providing them with a discount on their flower and/or gift purchases

How did you hear about the P&G Affiliate Program?  
                     I searched for 'flower and/or gift affiliate programs'
                     I searched for 'affiliate programs' in general
                     I found Petals or Grumleys by searching using other keywords.
                          Please specify

                     I have seen Petals Network or Grumleys Gifts on other Affiliate sites
                     I have been recommended to contact Petals or Grumleys by other Affiliates
                     I have used Petals or Grumleys before

Your commission or discount structure will depend on the way in which you'd like to trade with Petals Network and Grumleys Gifts.

How would you like to collect your Petals Network and/or Grumleys  Orders?  
                     A. I'd like to place a link to Petals and/or Grumleys on my site to collect orders (Affiliate Option 1)
                          Several types of links are available and these options will be discussed with you by
                          the P&G Affiliate Program Manager.
                     B. I'd like to use my site's own shopcart to collect orders (Affiliate Option 2)
                           Orders collected through a shopcart will need to be sent to Head Office. How would you like
                           to send these orders to Head Office?
                                   Online via the Petals/Grumleys Ordering Website                                        
                                   Via bulk download file (UFO or FTP) 
                     C. I'm unsure how to collect orders and need assistance to work out my best option
What is your expected order volume?  
This can be based on your other product sales if you have a current website.
                     1 - 10 orders per month
                     10 - 20 orders per month
                     20 or more per month
*What is your site's current traffic stats per month:
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Please ensure that you have read about permitted affiliates before submitting this form.

Thank you for completing the registration of interest form. The P&G Affiliate/Partner Program Manager will process your enquiry and be in contact with you.