Be part of the 60% of Australian florists who choose to trade with Petals Network!

Petals Network sends and receives international and domestic floral and gift orders to and from Australia.

Petals is one of only three international floral relay services in the world. Although many of its operation methods are similar to Interflora and Teleflora, Petals Network offers Member Florists an innovative, easy-to-use service with special attention paid to the satisfaction of florists and their customers. This special attention is reflected in the choice that Petals provides to Member Florists... choice in trading options (online, phone or fax)... and choice in payment options.

Petals headquarters is based in Australia, and has been operating very successfully for over 20 years. We run our own florist network throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

Why should you join Petals Florist Network ?

  • 3 month trial available at present time in certain areas. You pay your joining fee at the end of the 3 months trial, but only if you decide to continue with us.
  • You can receive orders on a fair-trading basis - free from the worry of 'old boy' network problems
  • You can 'try out' Petals at no obligation or financial risk to your business
  • You can choose how you wish to trade from our range of flexible, non-fixed trading options
  • You won't be waiting weeks to get paid! Petals pays within 14 days of the end of the month
  • Your prices and fees will be competitive, and we pay you 100% of the delivery fee!
  • You can send Australia to Australia orders and orders to 70 international destinations
  • You can get your own florist website
  • and there are many more reasons why you should apply for Petals Network Membership!

How do you apply for Petals Florist Network Membership?

Complete our quick Registration of Interest form. A Petals representative will be in contact with you and they'll answer any queries you may have, plus provide you with a Membership Registration Package.

More Information About Florist Membership

Please contact Petals to discuss any questions or concerns on Freecall 1800 802 035 or register your interest.

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Petals Network
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